Where did it all begin

What are Twindividual Creations about.

On paper (hopefully some fabulous paper) Twindividual Creations began in 2012.  In reality it began as far back as I can remember. With a serious love (we’ll try not to call it an obsession) of all things paper and craft.

I began Twindividual Creations to design and make Greetings Cards and Gifts for Twins to give to their siblings.  However, I was then asked to do several friends’ Wedding Invitations and Stationery as they couldn’t find what they were looking for and I loved it!

I saw it as a great honour to be asked to create Wedding Invitations as they are the first thing Guests will see of your Big Day, and thus generate the first buzz of excitement of what is to come.

However as much as I love making wedding stationery my true passion is personalized gifts for all. So having dabbled in wedding stationery I find myself back making gifts for Twins and everyone really.

What about now?

Now, I print on whatever I can find. I am constantly wanting to try new products and new designs so the shop will continue to grow on a daily basis. If you can’t find what you are looking for here then please do get in touch. I will so my best to get the personalised gift that you are looking for!

Looking forward to hearing from you.