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Stripping Things Right Back to the Beginning

Stripping Things Right Back to the Beginning

The Beginning of what you may ask

Well read on Macduff and I shall tell you.

Once again it has been far too long in between blog posts – I promise I shall make a real effort to get better.

A Life Changing Year

2017 ended up being a life changing year for both the best and worst reasons.  If you read my last blog post then you will know that our beautiful daughter was born last March – yes she is now almost a whole year old (what has happened to my baby?!).

However, only a couple of days after I published that post my amazingly wonderful Dad passed away incredibly suddenly which left the whole family in a state of utter shock and complete devastation.

As we have tackled each first that comes along without him and have started putting our lives back together, I have also been reflecting on Twindividual and the direction I should take it in.

Big Decisions

After a lot of time thinking – having a baby that spends the majority of nap time cuddled up with Mummy allows a lot of thinking time and not a lot of doing time – I have decided to take Twindividual back to it’s roots (that’s right we are zipping up those boots) and shallbe providing products specifically for Twins from Twins.  The range shall include products for Twins of all ages and their parents – because honestly one is hard enough – all of you Twin Mums and Dads out there are superheroes – including my own!

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything!

I feel this saying is particularly relevant here, as over the years I have tried to cater to everyone, Twins, Weddings, Big Birthdays and everything else in between which has left Twindividual Creations just floating around with a mish mash of products and no reFirst Twin Hoodieal direction!

My aim by targeting just to Twins and their families is to really focus on what I originally intended for Twindividual way back in 2011, which was to be able to provide the go to place when you need a gift for your Twin!

As I have found myself, while you can get plenty of items for your Sister or your Brother as you get older, there are no mainstream shops that sell items specifically for your Twin and this is a relationship that I am (and I am sure most Twins out there are) intensely proud of and want to celebrate!

Proud Twin

2018 has already been a big year as myself and my lovely Twinny turned the big 30, I even marked the occasion by making us some special T-Shirts that were foiled and LOVED how they turned out.

Being a Twin is such a special relationship, it means you have a friend for life.  Someone to be with you through every step – even if one of you ends up moving 200 miles away (that was me by the way – oops) – that bond and pride is always there!

What Next?

From 2 April 2018 Twindividual Creations shall be all about Twins!  This will take effect on both our Website and Etsy Store.  We shall be introducing new products such as hoodies, baby and children’s clothing along with lots of new Twin Related Designs!  Although I know not all of you will be Twins, I hope you are excited and will share the news with any friends you have that are Twins, have Twin siblings or are parent’s of Twins.

All current products shall still be available until end of March and then we shall shut the shop over Easter Weekend to be up and running with all things Twin in April!



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