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The Most Amazing Thing Has Happened

A very warm hello and welcome (or in some cases Welcome Back) to Twindividual Creations!

It has been almost 2 years since I have written a blog post or really done anything at all with this Website.  So now seems like a great time to start afresh and really give this Business the attention that it deserves!

I hope this post will give you a little insight into what has been happening in our lives.  Explain why the Website has been slightly neglected for so long and how that is very much going to change in the future.  I look forward to welcoming you along for the ride!

Has it really been that long?!

I can’t believe that it has been that long since I last posted anything.  However, a quick check shows my last post at 23rd September 2015 (?!).  When I actually look back and think about what we have achieved in this time it actually doesn’t seem so long.

Firstly myself and my partner (who is also Designer here at Twindividual) bought our first home (yay!).  We then ripped the whole thing out, rewired a fair chunk, damp proofed and put in an entirely new Kitchen and Bathroom.  With all of that going on and both of us holding down full time jobs it took us 9 months from completion of sale until we actually got to move in – that was last April (2016).

But you know what they say about about new homes… 2 months after moving in we discovered that we were pregnant!! Yes we are that cliche.  I was absolutely exhausted throughout the entire pregnancy and was usually in bed by around 7.30!  That combined with a full days work elsewhere left little time for Twindividual Creations other than what came through on the Etsy shop and even that was a struggle at times.

Our beautiful daughter was born at the end of March this year – 2 weeks earlier and under slightly different circumstances than we expected through an emergency c-section.  She is absolutely incredible and as cheesy as this will sound is our ultimate creation (yes I said it).

Now that she is almost 5 months old and has been sleeping through the night for a couple of months (yes we are very lucky parents) I feel like now is the right time to start really focusing on my other Baby and while my beautiful little girl is sleeping really bring Twindividual Creations back to life.

Time to get serious

While I love the Etsy shop and this will still continue to run, I am very excited to focus on our own website and store.  This will allow us to have more control, build and expand the brand and ultimately get serious, bringing you, our customers the best deals, designs and products that we can.

In the coming months and beyond we shall have exclusive Website only deals and designs that you will not be able to purchase on Etsy, as well as showcasing sneaky behind the scenes, both of new products we are working on as well as some of your orders being created – everyone loves to see the process right? (or is that just me?)

If you would like to join the Family and stay in the know with all the latest deals and products please sign up to our Newsletter which will go out weekly and have updates on all the latest blog posts as well as exclusive offers just for our subscribers.

What is next for Twindividual

We are working hard to get the Website back up and running and looking gorgeous with the brand new Shop full to the brim with fabulous products to make gift buying for all of your Special Occaisons just that little bit easier!

To start off with we shall be purely selling our beautiful Satin Coated Mugs which are available in 8 lovely colours and will have three core design choices which will be suitable for all occasions and recipients and timescales.

Ready to Go Mugs have ready made designs, this means that they are ready to print and apply to your colour choice of mug but will not be personalised in anyway.  A few mugs will also be Ready to Ship which means they have already been printed and are just waiting to be posted out!

Personalised Designs all have a core feature or theme with an element that can be personalised such as a name or date.

Custom Pink Water Lily Mug


The Custom Designs can be absolutely anything you would like, you are starting with a blank mug!

We shall also have some bulk order options perfect for promotions, large wedding parties and workplaces who need to keep track of whose mug is whose – but that is for another post.

We shall gradually expand the product range to reintroduce Clothing and Cushion Covers as well as a few other completely new products that are bubbling away in the back of my mind (spoilers – well I can’t give away all my secrets in one go can I?)

To celebrate the new launch of the Website there will be some very limited edition items, so sign up to the newsletter to be the first in the know and bag yourself an exclusive piece!

Staying Social

How do I stay up to date with everything Twindividual Creations I hear you cry?  Well do not fear as there are several ways.  This very blog shall have a new post every Tuesday and Thursday (if it has a T in it think of Twindividual).

We shall also be posting predominantly on Instagram and Twitter so come and say Hi and join in the conversation and of course there is the trusty newsletter full of exclusive updates and offers – you’ll even get 10% off just for signing up so what are you waiting for?

Oops this turned into quite a long post

Wow it turns out I had a lot to say 🙂 I shall leave it there for now.  I hope you are still with me and can see and share in our excitement at what is coming next for Twindividual Creations as we expand and grow as a Business and a Family!

Speak to you on Tuesday

Natalie x


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