Wow! What an Amazing Month July Was!


amazing july Wow!

I have been truly blown away this month by the truly amazing reception to our new line of personalised mugs and T-Shirts.  I knew I was excited about these amazing new possibilities as you may have guessed from my over excited blog post about it, but I can’t express how even more amazed and excited I am about how much you all like them too!

In our first month of offering these new items (and I know I’m so sorry I haven’t yet had a chance to put them on the website, however they can all be found over on the Etsy Shop) personalised Mugs and T-Shirts for Bridal Parties have been destined for all corners of the UK and even jetting off to the USA, which is just amazing!  I’m really hoping to see some pics of these in action but who knows!

Below is a selection of Mugs that have been sent out as well as new designs that have been created to show the versatility of these fabulous mugs, showing how they’re not just for weddings but for all occasions! I’m particularly loving the moustache one at the moment!

mugs display 01

mugs display 02 mugs display 03Thank you once again to everyone for their continued support and if you would like a customised mug or t-shirt, or maybe a notebook please do not hesitate to get in touch and I can make something especially for you!!

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