Watch the Process: Summer Garden


I don’t know about you but I love to watch how things are made, whether it’s a craft piece or a film, and I’ll admit to even spending an evening watching ‘How It’s Made’ which I believe involved envelopes and shoes. Now you may not quite as into watching the process of creation as I am but even if you’re just a little bit curious I thought I’d share a time lapsed video of how the Summer Garden Collection main invites were put together.

This video is increased in speed by around 800%, each invite actually takes around 15-20 minutes to make altogether! However I rarely make complete invitation suites from start to finish and instead will do it in sections, so make all the bases in one go, collect all the roses and gypsophila together, do all the inking etc etc. For some reason I feel like I’m making more progress by doing it that way.

I hope you enjoyed my little insight into how I work, look out for more videos on the blog soon!

Hope Your Day is a Lovely One

Natalie -x-

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