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summer garden titleToday I am very excited to introduce my New Collection entitled ‘Summer Garden’ as that is what it reminded me of. This Collection has been developed as a Bespoke Design for a very lovely couple who are getting married later this year, but the design is such a fabulously versatile and pretty one I have decided to release it as part of the Individualise Collections.Summer Garden CollectionThe Brief

The lovely Bride to Be who commissioned this Collection knew exactly what she wanted for her invitations: Roses and Gypsophila as the focal points with a colour palette of Pale Pink and Pearl Ivory.  A Pocket to hold the information cards which would include RSVP, Gifts, How to Get Here and Accommodation. At our initial discussion she wasn’t completely settled on the shape of the card or quite how the roses should be laid out or how many there should be.

 Featured in these images (which were fabulously done by David Johnson Studios) are the many different samples I made up with varying combinations of roses, gypsophila, closures and card stocks. The final design ended up being a combination of several different samples put together, along with a couple of requests from Groom to Be, which I love as it meant it was a collaborative effort and meant that got exactly what they wanted, which, in my opinion, is what a Wedding is all about.

summer garden display01Included in the Suite

The Summer Garden Suite comes presented in it’s own envelope box in order to protect and accommodate the roses during shipping, there is also the option to add an address label with your Guest’s name(s) and address on.

On opening the box, the guest’s find a square or rectangle pocket fold invite with the beautiful focus of the roses and gypsophila. The Invite is then opened to reveal the Wedding Information in the centre with a pocket at the bottom or on the right hand side (depending on how you wish it to open) containing 4 information cards. This includes the RSVP card and envelope which has the option of having your address either printed or an address label attached to it.  The other 3 information cards can contain whatever information you wish your Guests to know about, in the example we have Accommodation, How to Get Here and Gifts, however you could include extra Reception information if it’s in a separate place, or maybe a mini menu if people have to choose.
summer garden display02

What I Love About This Design

I absolutely love the Gypsophila! When my lovely Bride to Be first said she wanted Gypsophila on her Invitations I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, and it took a while to find but oh my goodness I’m so happy I kept looking and found this amazing dried gypsophila to use as it just makes the invitations so much more delicate.

I also adore this particular colour combination, yes I know it’s rather feminine but it’s also timeless.

But fear not if you can’t stand pink but love this design, you’re not restricted to it, you can really have any colour you desire, having a navy rose would instantly make it more masculine (if there are any Grooms out there excited to finally be marrying your man!), or a deep red would be perfect for Christmas Weddings, it’s entirely up to you.

I’d love to hear any comments you have on this new collection, would you choose a completely different colour combination, have just one or maybe three roses, a square invite or a rectangular one?

I’d also like to say a massive thank you to David Johnson of David Johnson Studios who took all the photos of this collection and has done an amazing job! While I love creating I just can’t quite get my head around the art form that is photography so I am incredibly happy and lucky to have such an amazing photographer on board to capture the Stationery I so lovingly create in all of it’s glory so it can be seen as I wish it to be seen!

Hope Your Day’s a Lovely One

Natalie -x-

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