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And there is yet another collection to introduce – The Red Velvet Collection!

Now before everyone gets too over excited, this Collection has nothing to do with cake, it is simply Red, and if you don’t want red invites you don’t have to have red invites – so the name is a bit misleading really but doesn’t it sound delicious!

The Red Velvet Collection centres around the Couple’s Initials entwined together on a die cut scalloped circle. This image runs through the entire collection into Evening Invitations and On The Day Stationery.

red velvet display03

The Brief

I wanted to make a versatile invite that (despite what the name suggests) wasn’t limited to a colour and had a simple focal part at it’s heart that Couple’s could embellish or leave as a simple design to suit their tastes. ¬†The Red Velvet Collection’s main invite is a 5.5×5.5″ square pocket fold which can close in a number of ways, through a hook and loop under the main scallop, with the scallop attached to a ribbon closure or through a band.

There is plenty of room in the pocket for Information Cards which have a band across the top in a coordinating colour to the invitations and step down so that when the invite is opened all ‘titles’ of the cards are visible.

The Couple’s Names can also be foiled to add that extra bit of luxury to your Stationery.

red velvet display01Included in the Suite

The Red Velvet Suite arrives in a Envelope which has a beautiful design on the flap and is accented by the colour of the invites beneath

From the envelope comes a square pocket fold invite, adorned with the couples initials on the scallop and as mentioned above there are a variety of closure methods available.

Once the Invite is unfolded, you find the Wedding Information in the centre with a pocket at the bottom containing 4 information cards which will include the RSVP card and envelope, this can be either of the colours of the invite (so red or white in the example) with the option of an address label added, as well as 3 other information cards of your choice (in the example we have Accommodation, How to Get Here and Gifts) however this could include additional Reception information if it’s in a separate place, a mini menu if people have to make a decision or anything else you wish people to know about.
red velvet display02What I Love About This Collection

I love how versatile this collection is and how it can really be adapted to suit any couple and any personality with the emphasis being purely on the couple’s initials. The Collection can appear as traditional, contemporary or quirky as you wish depending on the colour combinations chosen.

Again a big thank you to David Johnson Studios for their wonderful photography and styling

Hope Your Day Is A Lovely One

Natalie -x-

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