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Title Mardis Gras

Today I am sharing with you one of most colourful collections: Introducing Mardis Gras!

Mardis Gras display04

The Brief

Full of the fun and vibrancy of the carnival, I wanted to create a Wedding Collection that was a fair cry from the usual Ivory and Pastel combinations and show that if that’s really not your taste then it’s possible to have a much louder invitation suite and feel!

I feel like a lot of couple’s planning their Weddings get stuck by trying to follow tradition and wedding etiquette.  While of course it’s wonderful to have so many traditions around this amazing ceremony, the world is forever changing and everyone has their own personalities, which, in my opinion, is so much more important than following what people think they ‘should’ be doing rather than what they actually ‘want’ to do.

So this is My Collection to you that says – It’s Your Day! Have whatever YOU want!

mardis gras display02

As with all my collections if you love this design but hate the colours they can all be changed to whatever you wish, I shall be showing an example of a much more toned down version of this design in the next couple of weeks to show you how much a design can be altered to suit occasions and tastes purely based on the colours.

You also have a choice of paper finishes, which also completely alters the look of the images

The Purple Suite is printed on Oyster Card which has a very slight gloss finish and results in a very bright and crisp image, whereas The Orange Suite has been printed on a Matte Card which results in a softer toned image!  There are so many possibilities with the collection – that I hope all you newly engaged couples out there will embrace and bring your own personalities to make them individual to you.

mardis gras display03Included in the Suite

This Mardis Gras suite comes presented in a sturdy envelope box, made from the same beautiful pearl card as the cards are matted onto, with the option of a co-ordinating address label with your Guests name(s) and Address.

Once the box is opened, the suites is presented wrapped up with ribbon, with a tag that has the couple’s initials attached and tied in a bow. The suite is presented in the box to allow the extra room for the box so it doesn’t get ruined in transit.

Contained in the bundle are the RSVP card and coordinating RSVP Envelope, which is made from a beautifully weighty paper in the same colour as the suite, with the option to have a label with your address attached, a double sided information card, and the main invite.

mardis gras display01

What I Love About This Collection

I absolutely adore the colour scheme of this collection. I’ve used Stardream Pearl Card as the backing for this design, and their colours are so fantastically vibrant, I just adore how the different colours pop depending on the backing card.

I also love that it’s different! And really hope that it inspires couples to get what they truly want, not what they think they should have.

What are your thoughts on this vibrant collection?

Thank you once again to David Johnson Studios for their amazing photography skills

Hope Your Day is a Lovely One

Natalie -x-

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