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copper stamp product titleBecause sometimes you just need to make a new collection!

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The Brief

I wanted to create an easily customisable design that could include the couple’s names and Wedding Date and after much tinkering with different shapes and layouts, I settled on this design which reminded me of a post mark, hence the name Copper Stamp.

I know, yet again I have named a collection for the colour, despite all designs being fully customisable, so it could just as easily be ‘Purple Stamp’ or ‘Silver Stamp’.

I also decided to foil this collection to add an extra bit of luxury, and really emphasise the design by foiling it on every piece that it appears.

copper stamp display01copper stamp display04Included in this Suite

The Copper Stamp Suite comes packaged in a coordinating Envelope Box, which can be personalised with the recipient’s name(s) and address in the same design to the main invite. ┬áThe suite is tied together on the corners with either twine or ribbon, complete with a tag on the top left corner with the personalised emblem.

The Suite comprises of a main invite, with the couple’s names foiled along with the ‘Stamp’ at the top, along with 3 additional information cards which replace the couple’s names within the design to the name of the card, in this instance Accommodation, Reception and Gifts, along with a Response Card and matching envelope.

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What I Love About This Collection

I absolutely adore this Design, and the versatility it lends to the information cards, allowing everything to compliment each other perfectly.

I also adore the finish that foiling gives, it really is like nothing else and adds such a feel of luxury to the invitations that you wouldn’t get with printing – that being said I also love that this design will also lend itself beautifully to printing allowing gradients and different effects to be added to give a multitude of different finishes depending on the want of the couple.

And finally I love the alternative way of tying the ribbon around the corners of the Suite as opposed to around the middle.

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What are your thoughts on the Copper Stamp Collection?

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